Yoga 𓇸 Embodied Movement 𓇸 Healing 𓇸 Guidance 
by Inga Marianna Smirnova


The Crystal Clear Path is a path of life and intention facilitated by Inga Marianna Smirnova.​

It is a path of inquiry, of finding your authentic truth in each moment and every space, of being in the eternal flow of the love of the Universe. It feeds the soul, the mind and the body through earth magic, yoga, divination, movement exploration and embodiment of our highest essence.


The Path is Crystal Clear not because we know all that will come, but because this is the time and you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 


With trust, we walk.

Come closer to Yourself, and You will come closer to the whole world


inga smirnova

kristall kristaller smycken yoga lärare


 a fierce force,

a healer and a lover, 

a woman, a dreamer, 

 a motivator, a believer 

 and an inspirer, 

 a creatrix, a searcher, 

 a thinker and an explorer 

 – this is all me. 

 but let's start from 

 the beginning... 


As a support for inner awareness, integration, digestion and re-creation, I offer a blend of Holy Fire Reiki and intuitive energy transmission in person and remotely. Read more/Book session.



Using crystals and Tarot/Oracle cards as one of my tools, I offer intuitive guidance for a period of time or a specific situation/question. Read more/Book session.



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Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place