When technology doesn't have your back – but YOU do!

We are all constantly changing, constantly evolving – souls and bodies on an evolutionary journey. The beauty in this constant demolition of the old and the building up of the new is so beautiful, so enchanting! As I am writing this it is a new moon, which is another reminder of our evolutionary path towards the light expressed through the phases of the moon. I love this process of life, of the universe!

And exatcly because of that – I love to change things up, like ALL the time. I love to re-do my work space, my furniture placement, my warderobe, my logo design aaaaand – my website. True to my nature, this was exactly what I was doing earlier this week – and accidently erased THE WHOLE FREAKING THING! Yes, I did it...

So I cursed for a while and then I took it as a sign – to RE-DO something that obviously needed some re-doing. Even though I just built that site while being in Costa Rica – but life doesn´t care about that, she always leads us to the next ABSOLUTELY AND UNDENIABLY BEST thing.

I love this new site so much more, it is much easer and much more fun to work with. It feels much more like ME, like my vibe and like THIS TRIBE! Troubles do lead to bliss - sooner or later.

Thank you for being here, for reading this, for following me. And when things fall apart – let's laugh together and rejoice, that is how we know some gooooood stuff are on the way! This is a magical life ❤