The Crystal Clear Guidance: 13-19th of November

I'm so incredibly excited for this to be the beginning of something new, something I've longed for for a long time! Tarot cards is a tool and a guide that I use almost on a daily basis, and learn more about each time. It is a magical world, a space not to be rushed or even taken lightly. There is such power and magnificency within this sacred world, which is a lovely reminder of the power and magnificency within US! I will talk about this more further on... And for now – here is the guidance for this upcoming week. Happy Monday!

This is a time to stand fully in your power – no more playing small, no more doubting yourself, no more space for negative thought patterns! There is a wave coming in, enhancing the power coming from within you, and you will have a hard time if you resist getting on it. So bring out your surf board and enjoy the ride!

It is really a time to speak up, a time to show yourself to the world! I'm feeling that you've had a lot of ideas, a lot of passion and inspiration up until this point, but chances are that this brilliant flow had something standing in it's way and for different reasons never really manifested into materia. You had to wait a little bit longer, feel it all a little bit deeper, dive into the stillness or the hustle and bustle of the life you live. But now, my dear, there is nothing more you need to wait for – the time is NOW and the world awaits you. The King of Swords tells you not to worry, not to care too much about what others think or will say. You know, when it comes from within, from your heart and soul, there is really nothing that could go wrong.

Once you've decided that you are ready for your own magic, action will be needed and it will come to you naturally. You will know, or maybe you already do, what to do and how to do it. Don't spend time worrying about the outcome, keep your eyes on the prize! What is it that you deeply long for? What is the yearning of your soul? Keep the focus there, and create all of the art, connection and action that you need to keep the fire burning. The Knight of Crystals reminds you that after the creation phase comes the satisfaction phase, the place of full accomplishment where you stand in your power, where you ARE the flow. It could help to imagine this process as a wild river – the river always flows freely even though there are obstacles, it will always find it's way. Sometimes it flows slower, sometimes faster, sometimes calmer, sometimes wilder. But the river never fears the obstacles to come because she knows there is no such obstacle that she can't handle. You are also a river, and the same goes for you.

Through this process of creation you must not forget to give yourself time to rest – remember the saying "work hard, play hard". Create space for some tribe–time that you can spend with your favourite people, those who make your heart sing and your body relax. It is a celebration all of this, you know. A celebration of YOU, of the gifts you carry and share with the world. The Four of Wands tells you that there will be time for harmony, for happiness and for understanding the FULL process that you are immersed in. There will be time to check in with yourself and realize that the priorities that you have are super clear, there is no doubt about what is important.

Through this week we have the guidance of Goddess Nemetona, the holder of sacred space. Her message is a reminder for you to stay connected during this wonderful, but very busy, time. Create a connection in your own way, with your own sacred space. It could be spending time in nature or by your alter, doing yoga or taking a walk. Maybe even just taking a nap, whatever feels right and connecting to YOU. Do this frequently and with love.

Much love from me to you!


(Decks used: The Starchald Tarot & Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards)