The Crystal Clear Guidance: 20-26th of November

This week feels very important. It doesn't necessarily mean that a lot of things will be going on, it could be either way really. This vibe may lead you towards the calm waters OR the stormy sea.

If the calm waters is what appears – see it is as a reminder to yourself that to have a lot of things going on, a lot of action all the time, doesn't automatically lead you to sucess or mean that the action filled time is well spent. Maybe you have been measuring the value of your work, self-worth and relationships in this matter – then this is where you are reminded to go back to basics, to sift it all down and then SEE what stays, what REALLY matters. The Father of Pentacles comes in to show you that there needs to be steadyness present right now, a time for putting down roots and slowing down. When the dust settles you will be able to feel the stability that really is there, that you can rest into, relax and be held. There is no need to be out and about or in any way stressed about anything. Ask your heart – when I slow down, what happens? Deep dive into that.

If it is the stormy seas that arises – it is a cautionary sign to protect yourself. You might have been too open lately, too generous with your heart and energy. You have great love for this world, but sometimes this love leads towards sacrifice that you are not able to handle. I can feel all of the love that you carry, but also all of the pain. The Daughter of Cups reminds you that this immense sensitivity is one of your greatest gifts, but it is also one that needs to be cherished and protected. Going back to basics is just as needed and important for you! If it is possible – take some time off, or some time by yourself. Ground yourself in nature, spend time with your favorite creative projects and re-connect with your inner power in the way that feel like YOU.

Weather you find yourself in the calm waters or in the stormy seas – your challenge this week is to see past this challenge. This is above all an endurance for the faith within you, the trust that you have in the universe and it's ability to provide. The Eight of Swords appears this week and let's us know that this test is not a walk in the park, far from it. It is without a doubt an obstacle, but THIS obstacle is here to teach you that you DO NOT have to handle it as you are used to. It is a remindern that you have GROWN so much, you have changed, you have a new way and a new energy about you. Use it now, show it now – let the world KNOW. The challenge is here, but it is not all that new, it is YOU that ARE. You have the power to free yourself, dear.

Goddess Nemetona shows up again for this weekly guidance to let you know she is still with you. Sacred space is so important now – YOUR sacred space. Spend time with that which you love most – your favourite places, favourite people, favourite food, favourite spiritual practice. This is a time to show yourself how it feels to be with what you LOVE, to be HOME, to BELONG – areminder to not settle for anything less then those feelings that represent your sacred space in this world.

I will leave you with this song, which is a great reminder of the magic of the challenges of life. You can't always get what you want, but you will ge what you need.

With much love,


(Decks used: The Wild Unknown & Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards)