The Crystal Clear Guidance: 27th of November – 3rd of December

I am coming out with this weekly guidance a bit later in the day then usual – in Sweden it is almost afternoon – and that is not a coincidense. The first thing that popped into my mind when I was tuning in to what this week has to offer us was REST. This message is very loud and very clear. Looking back at the emotional roller coaster we were on last week, this doesn't really come as a suprise. If you are able to take some immidiate time off – awesome! If you had to rush in any way to get this monday and week started, I would really recommend you to take some time off as soon as you can. Time off in this case meaning release yourself from any kind of doing and find a way to just BE. This of course looks very different to different people so make it work in a way that fits your life at the moment!

Our reading for the week is a reflection of this message. We are slowly but surely coming out of an intense period of time. You might have felt it in the amount of unusual events around you – changes in relationships, plans suddenly falling through, things not going as they were supposed to, people around you behaving in a way that has hurt you or left you questioning much more then the behaviour itself. Either way – there is no doubt that it has been a stressful time. This time isn't quite over. When I say this I really want to make sure that you will not walk around waiting for something bad to happen – that does NOT feel like the case here. It is more of a reaping what already has been sowed. The drama has already entered your life, in one way or another, what was meant to happen has already happened. And it might have left you with feelings of confusion or sadness or anger or loneliness – and that was exactly the point. What is happening NOW, and what we can look forward to, is all of those feelings settling, helping you unfold your inner longing even more, helping you discover yourself and what truly matters EVEN MORE. Six of Cups is a definite reminder: rest, take care, let go. And when you think you are done – rest, take care and let go a little bit more.

When the dust settles and you've had the time to integrate – this is when you will become very clear about what really is going on around you AND inside you. You will find yourself having clear intentions when it comes to both your personal and professional life. All of the things you've been longing to create, the connections you've wanted to make – all of the new levels of YOU are waiting on the other side. BUT, when you find yourself in this clearness – try not to rush, keep the magic of BEING in it, flowing with it. The Knight of Swords is a symbol of BOTH determination and balance – try keeping both of them when this creative passion awakens within you.

The Four of Cups showes up to show us what might happen if we CHOOSE NOT to take time for rest and integration, if we choose to continue within the drama, dwelling on everything that didn't turn out as we hoped and wanted. Holding on to what was will only make the already existing (growing) pains harder. Why choose to suffer twice? Do not stand idly by while the opportunity of BECOMING MORE is passing you by. Connect to the NOW – the solution and the opportunity to move past this is right there within reach.

A wonderful Angel Message has been gifted to us this week by The Ace of Water. Something fresh, something new, something really magical will enter your life. Your intuition is becoming very clear and the growth you are experiencing is bringing you to a new level. And of course, after rain comes sunshine. This particular sunshine of yours might turn up as a new lovely person, an opportunity or a new space to grow into.

Much love from my space of rest,

Inga ♥

Decks used: The Starchild Tarot & Angel Tarot Cards