The Crystal Clear Guidance: 4th – 10th of December

Structure is what came to my mind as I woke up this morning. Every little thing in it's own place, everything around you in order, nothing left behind. This goes for actual stuff not laying around in a mess, but also promises or deals that have been made or projects that had been started – these need to come into actualization. Nothing left behind in both your physical and mental states. As you might know, we are in the midst of Mercury retrograde and also a full moon, which basically means that SO much is going on around us right now that the only sane thing to do is CHILL– not take any big decisions and also NOT be fooled into thinking that what is happening at the moment is the whole truth and you whole life. These energies are so powerful, so potent, but they can also set up a veil in front of you which makes it hard to see the whole picture. So keeping a clear space in all areas of your life is a very specific thing that you can do to be able to handle these energies in a way that will be giving and NOT taking away.

Seven of Swords is the fist card to come up today. And what do you think it means? It basically screams take it easy, do not take any rushed decisions. If something arises and you feel an urge to handle it STRAIGHT AWAY – recognize this urge, take a step back and ask yourself "is it really true, do I really need to do this now?". Knowledge is power, and in this case KNOWING that the energies that are present right now might be playing tricks on you can save you a lot of grief, and a lot of steps in a not fully authentic direction. I will not sugar coat it for you – this is not an easy time for us. It will take courage, love, strength and wisdom for us to make it through this period of time with grace and a minimum amount of damage. BUT it is possible, and the reward (YES, there is always a reward) is MASSIVE. My guess is that if you look back on difficult times in your life and see how the shittiness of it all at that time led you to become a greater, even more magnificent version of your true self. THIS is one of those times, love!

Prince of Wands is a bit of a continuation of this pickle we will find ourselves in – or maybe you feel that you are already there. The suit of Wands is in it's whole a symbol of talant, creativity, inspiration – and spirituality. The Prince of Wands in particular is showing us a possibility of an outcome of this situation which is EXPANSION. In a while, looking back at this time in your life you will see how you, and all of the components of your life in need of growth, have expanded into something greater, something MORE.

This might lead you towards a big change in your life, or a change of scenery – maybe a move, a trip or a change of profession. Listen to your intuition and do not hide your adventurous side. This is a time to ponder exactly that, putting your practical side in a spectators seat and letting unlimited thinking and feeling take place.

And now, finally, DEATH is coming into action. If you're not familiar whith Tarot, you might think that I'm a bit crazy for saying this. BUT Death is one of the most wonderful, spiritual cards there are. It is SUCH a relief of the old shit we DO NOT NEED. A cleansing experience, a purge of all of the things we didn't even know we no longer are needing. It's a rebirth. A death of the old ways, and the OLD ways only. If you find yourself feeling scared of this, trust me – nothing will happen against your will. And the fact that you are reading this right now means that you are ALREADY there, it has ALREADY been done. This is just a confirmation of the process taking place.

Inspirational card of the week is The Daughter of Swords which is a reminder that your insights and wisdom will take you everywhere – into every space, every corner of your wonderful being. Trust that the details you notice are of great value. Follow your instincts and you will not be led astray. Remind yourself that everything, every little thing, is perfect just as it is.

So, what are we left with? Structure to be able to handle all the processes taking place. Relaxation to find the strength to BE in it all, to be able to take the pause before action and really FEEL what is happening. And a preparation for expansion that has already entered your life, that has already started the process of letting go to let IN.

With all my love holding you,

Inga ♥

Decks used: The Cosmic Tarot & The Wild Unknown Tarot.