⇻ The Majestic Year of 2018 – Crystal Clear Guidance, PART I

Welcome, darling, to the majestic year of 2018 and this first part of my guidance!

First of all, and you might have already felt this – the energy of this year feels extremely expansive. It is strong but in the softest of ways, like the waves of the ocean – we all know how immense the power of the ocean really is, how much there is going on under the surface, but the waves that we will feel the touch of will be very soft on our bodies and souls, very caring, very kind.

For me, the last couple of months of the last year were a lot about planning, doing, not finding the time to do it all and finally feeling stressed out about it. During the holidays I took the time to just be, to relax with my loved ones and really intimately connect with rest. This was so incredibly needed for me, it gave me the space to feel the energy shift between 2017 and 2018 deeply. To be honest with you, I haven't felt such a clear shift before. The year of 2017 was a lot about challenges for many of us, the overall feeling I get is that we were walking around with clenched teeth, on edge, stressed. And the last months of the year were kind of a culmination of it all, intensifyed to the maximum with a release that followed as we entered THIS years energy.

In my experience, the energy of the new year fully takes over only after a couple of weeks, maybe even a month or two. But this time it was instant. And this first week within this elevation I've seen a crossroad in everything that I've been doing. I have been shown that not all of us will be willing, nor ready, to step into this new energy just yet. I saw very clearly that in each thing that we do we will get a choice – to do it the old way or the new way. The old way being first and foremost in a rush, in a non-mindful state of being, with teeth still clinched. And the new way being with softness, with love and passion that are fully fueled with conscious ways of being and doing. Wherever you are on this scale right now, remind yourself that it is a process, and see if you can cultivate more space for your one-of-a-kind process in your day-to-day life. Wherever you are I feel that the key for us right now is to slow down to speed up, to take things slowly to grow faster.

So, loves, let's start off our reading! As you've probably already seen – this is Part I and this reading will serve as a guide from January to June. There is a lot to take in all at once, and I find it more clear and digestable to do it in two parts. You can read it all together, or come back to it as we approach the next month of the year – it is up to you! A special bonus for this reading is that I've incorporated crystals that will be supporting us through the specific month and that could be beneficial to find a deeper connection with.

➵ January • The Hanged Man

Here it is – the confirmation that this years energy is totally and completely different from everything we've encountered before came right away. The Hanged Man is a card that let's us know it is time to let go, it is time to detach from what came before, it simply is time. We get put upside down to really see what is important and truly is for us. The transition through this might go swiftly for some of us, especially for those that has been within a process of detachment for a while up until this moment – you might have struggled for a while and here is your reward. But for some of us it will be a bit difficult because this is in a way a point of no return. The perspective has shifted so that part is actually done. But now we all need to take the time to catch up. Stay with your breath, stay with your softness, trust the flow and lean back for a while – enjoy this. Things are coming together for your highest best, and if the reward hasn't already entered your space, it will do so before you know it!

Crystal Companion: Labradorite

This gemstone is a loving supporter of your intuition and your skills of listening to the wisdom within. It has an ability to illuminate your divine talents and heartful gifts and guide you along the way of coming closer to aligning yourself with those. It will help you tune in into your soul purpose and give you the courage and strength to be all that you are.

➵ February • Two of Wands

A deep sense of direction will enter our space during this period of time. It is a good time to start bringing in some planning for the time ahead, set long-term and short-term goals and infuse your intentions with visualization and love. At this point a lot of the confusion, that might have been present through the first weeks of the year, have settled and the space that has been cleared up is completely yours to grab and fill up with inspired action. You are being reminded that your brain is your companion, your co-creator – it works for you. You can set intentions and take inspired action from your heart and soul space while giving your brain the task to help you with the aspects of that action that it does best. Everything in it's right place and doing what it does best.

Crystal Companion: Clear Quartz

This is a powerful crystal that can absorb, release and regulate energy – simply put it is an amazing divine healer. It can transform heavy, negative energies and emotions into something that you can interpret and work through – instead of feeling helpless about it, you will find a way to the core of those energies and emotions and through that you will find healing.

➵ March • Wheel of Fortune

Aaahh, our life purpose is knocking on our doors big time! The Wheel of Fortune is exactly that – dharma, a deep sense of belonging, the most authentic place to be and operate from. This cards appearance shows that you will either find yourself changing course right about here, or realize that it has already been done, that the steps needed to come closer to your destiny have already been taken. Sometimes it goes like that – we create the space needed without really knowing what we are doing, we might do what feels right, and later on even our brains understand that it was the exact thing we needed the most. My advice around this time is to be mindful – to take more time for self-care and self-study, to be aware of the signs around you, to listen closely. And also – to be open minded! The Universe will provide the fastest track to the most purposeful life you possibly can live – but in order to do that, you need to get out of her way!

Crystal Companion: Howlite

A gemstone that brings you a deep understanding and awareness of both your inner and outer worlds. It will help you tune in to the frequency of your higher truth and guide you towards receiving the wisdom that resides within you. The howlite is amazing when it comes to letting go – it will help you release old beliefs and patterns of thought.

➵ April • Daughter of Wands

This month and this card is especially guided and supported by The Divine Feminine. During this time, our connection to Mother Nature deepens immensly – in many parts of the world this is the time where she finds new expressions by growing, blossoming and coming back to life with the season of Spring. This is a perfect month to see what rituals you feel inspired to bring forward and take those rituals closer to Mother Earth, closer to nature. As I am writing this my heart remembers how my naked feet feel against the soft and mossy forrest ground, the smell of the rays of sunshine warming up the old and the new leaves, how a dance naturally is being expressed through my body when I am in that connection to her. If you feel called to do this – don't hesitate, go out and meet her. Bring your sisters, in physical or spiritual form, and let your soul and body dance in connection.

Crystal Companion: Prehnite

This stone is the healers healer! If you are working with higher energies in any way then this needs to be in your own self care routine – this magically green gem will help you fill up your own cup and at the same tune in deeper into your own healing gifts. The prehnite can also help you visualize that which you are longing for and working on manifesting in the future. It is a guide for the guides, a soother for the soothers, a mother for the mothers.

➵ May • Nine of Wands

At this point, you've come so far. You are closer then ever to yourself, to your highest truth, to that which is the most sacred to your heart and soul. But as the road has been long, you might feel a bit tired and in need of both rest and reassurance. As you can read down below I've chosen a Tiger Eye crystal as a companion for this month, and one of the main reminders I would like it to bring to you is trust. Trust in yourself, in your journey, in the way everything is unfolding. Have faith and remind yourself that up until this moment, everything have worked out, as it will most definitely do this time as well. This period of time is not something to fear or envision as a "hard" time. It is merely a phase of growth that you've been through many times before. And this phase comes to show you what is really important. When it passes, you will find yourself even more deeply rooted in your truth.

Crystal Companion: Tiger Eye

A deeply grounding crystal that is very supportive for the three lower chakras. It will root you down and help you settle down in whatever it is that is going on around you. It is also very strengthening for the self esteem and the ability to deeply believe in yourself and rely on yourself. Trust your inner light, your intuition and your divine power to succeed in anything and everything that your are being guided towards. Everything that you need is, without a doubt, already within you.

➵ June • Eight of Pentacles

And now we're back on track, even more so then we could've imagined just a couple of months ago! If you take a close look at this card you will se the amazingly weaved web, where each new thread is heartfully joined with the thread that came before. And in the middle – there is you! The master of your faith, the commander of your space and direction. You have weaved your web, mastered your skills, and this mastery continues to grow deeper and stronger – you become more and more skilful and magnificent at your unique art form. Maybe you have a longing for another creative project or wish to add something to your already existing business – this is the perfect time to do it. You will be fueled properly with both inspiration and care during this time.

Crystal Companions: Smoky Quartz and/or Pink Fluorite

I was guided to give you an option here – these two crystals are both very healing and supportive during this month and this transition. Pick whichever feels more close to you, or enjoy the company of them together.

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is a support for your Root Chakra and will help you find a deeper connection to Earth and Nature. It has an ability to cleanse you and help you release negativity as well as energy that doesn’t fully resonate with you. It will also help you let go of stress, worry and difficult thought patterns. This is a very protective crystal which suits really well in sensitive times or when you long to be taken care of. Your patience will be strengthened as well as your inner strength and you will feel a deepened sense of harmony, comfort and well-being.

Pink Fluorite

This wonderful crystal has an ability to open up your heart and release you of your walls in a way that allows you to receive and absorb healing, loving energy from all around you. The fluorite will also help you become more focused and make decisions in the right direction. It helps you to listen within more, and become less affected by the many opinions that exist around you but are not necessarily the right ones for you. It is stabilizing and protective, balancing and supportive.

♦ Goddess of The Majestic Year of 2018 – White Tara ♦


"You are becoming increasingly sensitive. Avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals."

Message from White Tara: "As you've purified your inner world of thoughts, actions, and intentions, it's natural that you seek purity in your outer world as well. This is to acknowledge your heightened sensitivity, which is as real as it seems! You've stripped away the outer protective layers of unneeded defenses, which blocked your psychic and spiritual awareness. Now you're on the path of ascension, which calls for your heightened awareness. And with this awareness comes new levels of sensitivity to the impure and harsh. Your body is a trustworthy instrument of measurement of your tolerance level. Steer clear of that which your body signals you to avoid. Take excellent care of your body, and it shall serve you well!"


This is it for Part I. Stay tuned for Part II coming up next monday! And the monday after that I will be back with the weekly readings again, with this new energy, in this new paradigm!

Please let me know your thoughts or feelings about this reading, I would loooove to know and to connect! You can simply e-mail me or comment down below!

With much love,

Inga Marianna ♥