The Crystal Clear Guidance: 29th of January – 4th of February

Oh yeah, I am now back with the weekly readings! If you haven't seen it yet, my past two readings have been all about the year of 2018 in it's whole. The path that showed itself to us through those is incredibly exciting, challenging, rewarding – there will be no time and space for bullshit, to say the least. And now I am very excited to keep bringing you weekly guidance as a way for you to deepen the awareness of The Now, to learn to see and feel the energies of this moment and to find your own way to guide yourself.

But first, let me tell you what's been on my mind lately. These last couple of weeks have been very challenging for me, and in my community I've noticed that I'm not the only one. I've been sick, struggling with a crazy cold that never seemed to want to leave my body. And now, three long weeks later, I am finally feeling a little bit back on track. During these weeks, one thing have kept coming to my mind – self love. I feel as a lot of us have been having physical issues lately which have left us feeling weak, frustrated, sad and discouraged. Whether or not this physical low has been your reality or not, the fact that this is happening around us is a lesson to learn that ALL of us need to re-consider what self love means to us and what we can do to implement it even deeper into our lives. Try looking over your daily routine and see how much time you actually spend on SELF LOVE. Actual, activly chosen self loving time.

I will write much more on the subject as it is really pouring out of me right now – the importance of this is huge for us right now. But until then, keep taking care of yourself, loving yourself with all that you've got, not only when you have no choice but to, but even before that, just because you are YOU.

And now, more of this weeks guiding words, from me, to you.

Ten of Cups

Straight of the bat you are being firmly guided to fill up your own cup first, before you do pretty much anything else! Just as the flight attendant tells you on the plane to ensure that you put on your own oxygen mask first, before helping anyone else, even your own child. This is the same thing, but you might not notice that you need that "oxygen" before the deprivation has gone too far. I touched on the subject of self love above, and this card is confirming how important it really is. It is not a chore, it is very pleasurable and rewarding, very magical and loving. A great reminder for you to slow down and receive before you give. Welcome in love, help, support, time, connection – those things that YOU need to feel and be your best. Your cup consists of all aspects of you – physical and spiritual and mental. And there is more then enough for everyone. This week is a supportive time to start off a new habit, a new routine – so make sure to cut out time only for YOU, and then stick to it. I promise, this will be a game changer!

King of Swords

Something tells me that you haven't been so confident in yourself lately, doubting things you don't usually doubt, feeling somewhat down and out on it all. I feel that there is a need for your inner truth to be spoken now, for you to start really getting it out there, no matter what. Sometimes we can get stuck in a bad circle of doubting thoughts, and it leeds nowhere but down. Loving, re-assuring thoughts strengthened by your presense in this very moment will help you make the spiral go upwards instead. Also – stop playing small, diminishing your light in favour to others. You are a magical creature with gifts of light – do not bother caring about what others think. There will always be those who you just won't be able to please – and guess what? That's all good! Because the amount of people in need of your magic is so much larger. And YES, there is enough for everyone, your light is only YOURS to shine. Remind yourself of your strength, of all of the things that you have endured up until this moment, of all of the things you've created. And keep on keeping on – you ROCK!

Queen of Cups

When our cup is filled, when we are balanced, loved and taken care of – we can serve. In which way are you feeling drawn to serve? In whichever way that is – honor your calling. It might be guiding others, offering your wise words and intuitive insight. It might be by taking part in a community where you can give and receive in a steady flow. It might by by whatever is calling your name and making your heart sing. Sit down, take a couple of deep inhales and exhale with a sigh. Sit in stillness for a little while and allow yourself to be really honest, really authentic with yourself. And then let that thing that you so long for to come forward. And now – do that thing, honor your souls calling. Nobody really knows where any path will lead, so there is no point in guessing. But please do start walking on the path, and it will be revealed to you as you move on further. You know, nothing really happens in ONE big step, everything unfolds after a lot of small ones. The magic of life, right?

♦ Goddess of this week – Sulis ♦


"Spend time near water, such as a lake, river, or the ocean, to recharge your batteries"

Message from Sulis: "Water's curative effects are well known and well documented. Since the human body is composed almost entirely of water, this makes sense. Water can wash away sadness, pain, and the ill effects of suffering. Engage in purification rituals involving water more often, and you'll experience and uplifting in your spirit and outlook. Water's magical properties are amplified when you infuse it with your prayers and intentions. Whether you soak in a sea-salt-bath, or bathe in a freshwater spring, you're sure to see the difference that water will make."


I believe in you!

With love,

Inga ♥