The Crystal Clear Guidance: 5th–11th of February

Waking up to this new day and this new week felt easy. It feels like there is and will continue to be a whole lot of space in this upcoming days – space to breath, to be, to create, to be productive, to make plans for the future. A lot seems to be coming into perspective now giving us the possibility to see much more clearly and much more objectivly on ourselves, on what we strive for and what we hold dear and close.

Today feels like the first day of February energy in its fullness – we are now completely immersed the stillness that will lead the way during this month. This stillness will be so relaxing for some, and quite the opposite for others. You might have been longing for it, to be able to have the time and space to read a good book or learn something new or dive deep into a new project. I feel like many of us have been craving self-study as we now are more clearly seeing that getting to know ourselves is a pathway to freedom and deep satisfaction. With that said, as I mentioned earlier, this might also be a time that feels awkward and even uncomfortable. If that is the case, then the stillness of February is an invitation that is even more important for you. Why? Well, you might remember me mentioning that this year is a time when we stop messing around. So if we haven't taken of that "Band-Aid" yet, it will get ripped off. This might sound a bit dramatic, but don't you worry, it will be rather gentle and definitely within the realms of what you can handle.

There is a gentle guidance present that will lead the way towards new discoveries – listen closely and you will not be led astray, quite the opposite actually. The divinely guided actions will be soft and easy to take now, but will have a magnificent impact on your life in the most rewarding of ways. I'm feeling nothing but love when I connect to these energies and I am so looking forward for you to blossom from the fertile soil of this week and month.

Angels will be guiding our path this week as I am feeling that they are very close to us right now, holding our hands through this magical process of shedding the old and growing into the new.

Ten of Air

Hm, what kind of a difficult situation might that have been? Oh yeah – the complete and utter insane intensity that we've been going through ending the year of 2017 and entering the new paradigm of 2018. Like most portals, this has not been a walk in the park. But hey, we are now meeting here, in a much more soft, calm space where we can catch up with ourselves and the world around us. Just allow yourself to let everything settle – take the time to go slow. You will gradually start realizing that where there used to be rush and stress, there is none anymore. As you go along realizing this, you will also start peeling off even more layers of the things that don't allow you to stay in this space of softness and calm. There will be a sifting process where some things, people, projects, jobs and relationships will not make the final cut. This will happen rather naturally as you are being attuned to a new level of energy where only that which is a vibrational match will stay with you. Thank Goddess for this energy love spiral – there is nowhere to go but UP!

The Sun

"Uriel is the archangel who helps with mental functioning, including focus and concentration. Call upon Uriel to spark new ideas and solutions, as well as to increase your confidence in your intelligence and wisdom"

After quite a lot of challenges during these past few weeks, we have finally reached the rewarding phase where we are really in tune with our inner wisdom and flow of creativity. There will be new projects birthing through you during this time. They will have great depth and value for you and your path. These projects may or may not make their way out into the "public eye", but that isn't really the most important part of their existence. The most important part is what you will discover through this process of creating that which is whispering your name, of aligning yourself with your inner guidance and allowing this project to come into life. This is where you will actually, fully realize how incredibly far you've come! Maybe here is where you can take some time tracking backwards to this time last year, for the sake of seeing and feeling where your path have taken you and even reminding yourself that when you trust the Universe, she will provide all that is needed for your highest best.

Knight of Earth

This card popped up as an even further reassurance that we are tuning in, listening and creating, tuning in some more, listening even closer and creating from heart.

To flow with this experience even smoother, I would advice you to take a moment and see if you've been feeling drawn towards making any changes in your daily routine. If you have, I would recommend going forward with those changes. This goes for: what you are eating, what you are drinking, how much you are sleeping, how much screen-time you are having, how much time you are spending in nature and so on. One specific thing that pops up for me is diet. Is what you are eating and the way you are eating supporting you? If going vegetarian, vegan or raw has been on your mind lately – concider taking the necessary steps towards those changes now and see where they will lead you. Alcohol and sugar might need to be cut down, as well as processed/fast foods. To have a clean and clear vessel is an important choice to make at the moment, whatever that means for you.

♦ Goddess of this week – Damara ♦


"You are good at helping, counseling, and healing children. Use your skills to help children now."

Message from Damara: "One can be gentle and a fierce protector simultaneously. My vigilant focus on keeping harmony within households stems from my desire for children to maintain their youthful awe and sense of wonder. How else will we ensure that they'll see and speak with the fairies? How else eill we foster the continuation of children's healing laughter? Join with me in guiding the children, and you'll see your own imagination sparked by these amazing your beings. Your own enthusiasm and youthful spirit attracts the children's respect and attention. I'll lead you toward young people who can benefit from your help."


Go softly and fiercly!

With love,

Inga ♥