The Crystal Clear Guidance: 12th–18th of February

This weeks reading will be different, this week will be different. I was hit with some heart wrenching, devastating news yesterday. In the midst of the sorrow, there was a deep realization to come back to what is really, truly important in life. To the essence of it – love.

I am watching the world and I see that we are so used to surround ourselves with that which we don't actually need, doing what we don't actually want to do. Longing for something deep down inside but not showing it to anyone, scared for us to truly be seen. And then we go on with our lives, until one day it all comes crashing down. In my past readings, I've been really clear on the reality that we simply do not have the time to mess around anymore, we just don't. Time is an illusion, but I hope the word does the trick to make you comprehend that the clock is running out on us doing that which is not in alignment – not honoring ourselves and others, not listening to the voice whithin, not doing the work needed to get out of our own way. And now, more then ever, this is the case.

The world needs your love, it needs you to step into yourself fully, it longs for you to show yourself with all that you've got. And how do you do that? One foot in front of the other, love, one step at a time.

Master Hilarion & Archangel Raphael

"Part of your divine purpose is to develop the power of your mind and use it for healing purposes. If you change your mind, you can change your world. Guidance and healing inspiration can come to you daily, helping improve your own life and the lives of others. Healing and opening the mind to new realities and possibilities are the gifts of Ascended Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael."

The card that popped up is a perfect one for this week.

The first thing that comes to me is that there is huge need for a cleaning in all areas of life right now. This goes for everything – clean up your office space as well as your heart space, get rid of that which no longer has a purpose without turning back. Really ask yourself what serves you, allow the answer to come in whichever form it wants to and follow that. Be open, be patient. This process will be fueled with love and guided from within. Before you start, sit in silence and clear your thoughts. Ask to be guided. This will be the first step on the path towards healing what needs to be healed.

As the masters say: "If you change your mind, you can change your world". Yes, just like that, with a blink of an eye, everything can change. It goes the other way around also – where your mind goes, your world goes, that is the direction of your life. So be mindful of your thoughts, attend to them and see if they are as aligned with your highest truth as you would like them to be.

Your divine purpose isn't something that you have to sit around and wait for, it is already whithin you! It is something that you already are interested in, feel drawn to, maybe even something that you already are doing or creating. The divine purpose is also a path, it is not a destination. It will continue to grow and change and evolve and deepen.

All is well you know, everything is going according to the plan.

Endless love,

Inga ♥