The Crystal Clear Guidance: 26th of February – 4th of March

Oh my goddess, it felt gooooood to write MARCH up there! Where I live – in Sweden – this means that spring is on its way which is a major energy shift in so many ways. This is the first hint of the amazing time to come when Mother Nature is bursting out her warmth and colors in all ways possible. This is one of the things that really makes it worth living in a place with very distinct seasons – as dark and cold as the autumn and winter can get, they will always be followed by so much light and happiness when spring arrives. Swedes obsession with sunshine and warmth is on a whole other level that you might've seen so far (unless you've been in Sweden in spring or summer) – we ADORE it and worship it like it is our last breath on this earth.

Okay, so let's move on to the reading of this week. As you might've noticed – there was none last week. I was very sick and just didn't have the energy to do anything at all, and certainly nothing that had to do with any kind of connection to anything else besides my bed. As I spent almost the whole week feeling anything other then glamorous or even normal, I went through a lot of different phases of feels – exhaustion, love, frustration, sadness, grief, complete and total lack of inspiration and meaning, happiness & clear vision of the future. My point is – it was a portal. It was almost a bit like a washing machine cycle – I entered as something in need of love and attention, in need of clean energy, going through the motions trying to let go of the old, the spots, the discoloration, coming out on the other side of the cycle in a new form. The reason why I'm telling you this is because of one thing that I've learned is if it is happening to me, it is happening to others as well. Maybe you've been going through a portal of your own? Maybe you are still in it? Either way – see if you can allow the opening it is there to create, breathe through it and you'll be on the other side before you know it.

This morning I feel like I woke up in a different world. A brighter, more spacious place. A place where we can get a better perspective on things, on our lives, on our businesses, on our passions. A place where we clearly can see and feel the right path. And we are ready to do the work needed! Right? Right! Onward to the reading we go...

THE PAST – Three of Crystals

We are coming from a time that has put us on the spot in many ways. We have had a gentle but firm energy pushing us forward in the direction of growth, even though it might not have felt like growth at the time. Nevertheless – it has been a long period of breaking down the old and building up the new. We have been guided to do the hard work, to really accomplish the things we want to, to manifest and create. And it feels like somewhere on the way, many of us hit a plateau. A kind of a dullness has been present, and a feeling of desperation spread with thoughts like "I've been doing so much and I don't feel like it is paying off" or "Nothing I do matters anyway". Well, let me tell you it IS paying off and it DOES matter. Everything that has happened, did so for a very clear and potent reason which is for you to find the best version of YOU! Also, a word of advice: if you feel that this period of time is over for you, leave it where it belongs – in the past. Be mindful of the residue that might follow you into the new stages of being in the form of thought patterns mostly – leave those behind to create space for the now.

THE NOW – Three of Cups

Mm, such a yummy NOW we live in, don't you agree? This is the one space that actually does exist, this is were we can make choices, where we can DO the WORK, create the love we wish to see around us. This is IT, y'all! With an openminded attitude towards the NOW, explore it like a child would – with open eyes and an open heart. Give yourself opportunities to go deeper and learn more about the things that you enjoy, maybe read or research or TRY something you've been feeling a tug towards. See yourself in the now from the perspective of the future you – what would the future you want you to do in the NOW? What is important? Fill upp your cup with knowledge and creation that feed your soul and set you off in the best way possible for what is to come. There is healing in this moment.

THE FUTURE – Knight of Cups

Adventure is on its way. Livng in the now is truly an art – feeling and seeing every single moment exactly as it is at the same time as knowing that everything can change in the next one. So regardless of how your NOW is, remind yourself that it can change in any given moment. And there is adventure on our horizon, waiting for the right moment, for the perfect combination of energy to come through. This new adventure can come in any form, in any time – so don't get stuck on what the word adventure means to you. When it arrives, you will know it. What you can do in the NOW is to create the space for it – look over all of the places where your energy goes and see if all of those places are a GIVE & TAKE kind of deals. If not, if it is mostly GIVE from your side – review wheather or not withdrawing your energy would be the best option for YOU and act accordingly. Expect nothing short of magic!

Supporting you during this week is ↠ Light & Love

"Your purpose is to bring Divine healing light and love to this world"

You are a conduit of God's pure light and love, and you bring this healing energy through with your prayers, vizualisations and positive intentions. This is your life purpose! Although it may seem nonspecific, rest assured that your prayers have helped in significant, specific ways. You are anchoring Divine light and love to the Earth, which is ensuring that the planet is safe, stable and protected. Please keep up this good work, as it is necessary and valuable!

You can also channel this purpose in other ways as well. For example, your natural spiritual gifts make you a wonderfully successful healer. Whether you conduct energy work, counseling or some other form of physical or psychological therapy, always remember to bring through the Divine healing force. You don't need to drain your own energy, as there is an unlimited supply readily available for all who tap into the Divine.

This card also signifies that you can heal your present situation by applying light and love to it and everyone involved. Hold only positive and loving thoughts and feelings and watch the blessings multiply in beautifully surprising ways.

Endless love,

Inga ♥

/ Decks used – The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel & Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue /